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Canteen Spotlight: Chicago's Lincoln Park Is A Work-From-Home Haven

Updated: Jan 25

Find your Canteen Crowd in Lincoln Park. The vibrant neighborhood is within the outer band of downtown Chicago, easily accessible by “L” train, biking/walking paths along the lake, and ride share transportation.

Dotted with diverse architecture, from row houses, brownstones, and French provincial walk-ups, the fabric of the district is flush with college students (DePaul University) young professionals, and first time parents.

In a work-from-home era, many young digital workers have set up shop in the bay windows of brownstones, pocket parks, or at local cafes. With accessibility to downtown HQs, LP has become a distributed workforce epicenter for hybrid and fully remote work — with particular industry focus in consulting, financial services, creative arts, and even an emerging life sciences scene.

With live/work/play embedded into the community, it’s the perfect haven to find your local Canteen Crowd and also connect with visiting digital nomads.


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