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About BedSideHustle

BedSideHustle is a lifestyle brand, e-commerce store, and content hub empowering people to work remotely. Based out of a converted bedroom in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, we're an early-stage company committed to elevating remote workers across the globe. We offer a curated collection of boutique work products, focusing on human factors and ergonomics to offer a suite of our own lifestyle brand accessories, as well as efficient and comfortable pieces aimed at enhancing one's workspace experience. We're a brand woven from values of accessibility, entrepreneurship, creativity, and agency – especially when it comes to how and where we work.

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What Drives Us

As fervent believers in the work-from-home movement, we believe you live a life, not a career. Removing the tether from the office is far more transformative than simply working from your bed. It empowers people to have more agency and accommodation in their working model. It gives us reason for newfound optimism.

We dream about what it can do for economically distressed areas that are "unplugged" from the global economy. We applaud what it can elevate –  how being a caregiver or struggling with disability no longer locks people out of opportunity, how fluid careers can look when HQ is on your terms, and what culture-from-anywhere looks like.

The paradigm shift is massive, but at the most basic level, we now have our own space – our very own HQ – and BedSideHustle is your hub to enhance that. Add a chic desk lamp, light an aromatic candle, brainstorm remotely with our journal. WFH is a lifestyle, and we're the brand that wants to be the icon for embracing it.

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