About BedSideHustle

BedSideHustle is a lifestyle brand, e-commerce store, content hub, and community empowering people to work remotely. Based out of a converted bedroom in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, we're an early-stage company committed to elevating remote workers all across the globe. We offer a curated collection of boutique work products, design services, and a node of connectivity for young, digital professionals. We're a brand woven from values of accessibility, entrepreneurship, creativity, and agency – especially when it comes to how and where we work.

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What Drives Us

As believers in the work-from-home movement, we believe you live a life, not a career. Removing the tether from the office is far more transformative than simply working from your bed. Yes, that's awesome, but more than anything, remote work makes us brainstorm.

We brainstorm what it can do for economically distressed areas that are "unplugged" from the global economy. We brainstorm what happens when capital is nomadic. We brainstorm who it can elevate –  how being a caregiver or struggling with disability no longer locks people out of opportunity.

We also brainstorm how to power it. How to narrow the Digital Divide. How to make functional workspace accessible. How to build a vibrant community of digital professionals. It's easy to call yourself a lifestyle brand, but we want BedSideHustle to be an icon for brainstorming how and where we work.